Best ways to lose some pounds

On holiday should be like a holiday! Not a diet of celebration! (Valid for all readers and customers).

However, you can not have more than 1-2 holiday month except December is because we have Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year.

If you are on a weight loss diet
In these three days you can have breakfast slightly. Then hunger all day, only water, tea without sugar (except fresh juices, juices, etc.). Mandatory make your workout even be exhausting, resistance training. At dinner nayazhte tight. Become a lot of circles.

Usually people do exercises places considered “problematic”, as their goal is to lose fat there. I have repeatedly explained how it is not so today I came allegory with which to make clear how the energy in the body.

Imagine appliances in you. When you turn the lamp start spending power and it accumulates a total electricity bill.

By turning on the TV again spending power and it accumulates to the total electricity bill.

I.e. do not account for electricity bulb expense TV, fridge account etc.

Similarly, in the body there is a common source of energy and when doing crunches no forest source of energy for the belly, and the total energy source. The total energy source is subcutaneous fat throughout the body, muscle glycogen and the food we eat.

Vegetables are great food that supplies the body vitamins, minerals and fiber. Vegetables are volume, while not calories. For example, one kilogram of spinach has 230 calories and pounds of bread has approximately 2400-2800 calories. Read more about the energy density of food (in English is) and how it helps reduce weight.

For example, Shopska salad before the main course, will fill your belly, reduce hunger, and then you will have no desire (and place) for caloric food.

Green leafy vegetables care for normal acidity of urine, especially if you consume large amounts of protein. It is important to have healthy kidneys.

The fiber in vegetables helps reduce cholesterol (bad LDL), and the desire for sweets. If you often eat sweet, sure to turn vegetables into every meal and snacks that are only vegetables.

Ideas for vegetable Snack:
Carrot sticks dipped in lemon juice, water and salt – very fresh and tasty.

Fresh red peppers – have a sweet taste when ripe.



Celery (different than our celery, even have the same taste and name in English). Already sold stalks of celery, which are very juicy and fresh.

Leaves of iceberg lettuce can be eaten without a salad. Take a cabbage iceberg and her peel and eat.

Courgettes can eat and raw, with a little salt.

If you do not like vegetables, how to love them?
Make a list of all the vegetables that you know and you will see that there are those who love. Or eat cooked vegetables. For example, any dish that you cook vegetables add. If you do steaks to the pan, add the mushrooms to the pan, onions, carrots, zucchini, peas (and other optional, excluding potatoes and rice) and you will see that the steak will become fragrant.

Eat vegetable raw or lightly cooked, if possible.

Try for one week to add vegetables to each meal and then evaluate the difference, you will certainly be weakened without you deprived and count calories.